A stylish and welcoming multi-functional place designed to commune. Located in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg.

HOLON space is an easy way to host, inspire and gather people together. Its minimal, modular design is a 200 m² adaptable blank canvas. The space offers advanced presentation tools on different scales: from plug-in-and-play to sophisticated spatial technologies.

It’s the perfect setting for a variety of scenarios such as workshops, meet-ups, conferences & panel talks, art exhibitions, photoshoots & video productions.

With restored industrial features, minimalist furniture and a high fidelity sound system – HOLON Space is stylish, comfortable, and inspiring.

Find us

HOLON Space is centrally located on the first floor of an industrial warehouse building, 10 minutes from Alexanderplatz and close to major transport hubs.

We offer

  • Capacity for up to 90 guests
  • Modular designed furniture & facilities
  • Screens for presentations
  • Plug-in-and-play sound system (with spatial capabilities)
  • Workshop tools / materials
  • High speed internet connection
  • Natural lighting
  • Programmable lighting system for different scenarios
  • In-house equipment rental for film productions
  • Technical support if needed

01 Entrance and wardrobe / 02 Main space / 03 Conference space /  
04 Restrooms / 05 Cargo elevator

Contact us with any inquiries about the space.

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